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Triathlon Training Minneapolis

So You Wanna Go Long

If your stretch goal is six month to two years away, there are things to focus on now to start your official training off on the right foot.

Start Healthy, Start Excited

There is a time to push through physical discomfort and mental lethargy. Now is not that time. See your ortho doc. Take a break. Do whatever it takes to start your training with fresh mind and body.

Cut Weight
The time to lose weight is in the off season. When training volume and intensity increase, your body will need precious calories to fuel and rebuild itself.

Hit The Weights
Only the elites have the luxury of consistently hammering out 20+ hour weeks of cardio without strength training. For the rest of us mortals, a strength training training program can go a long way towards preventing injury. Be sure to target each major muscle group twice per week.

Work Your Weakness
Few multi-sport athletes are perfectly balanced in their performance from discipline to discipline. Use this time of year to improve your weak link.

Race Before You Race

The easiest way to gain comfort in a race is to, …well, …race. If your breakthrough race is an Ironman, consider booking a pair of half iron-distance races two to four months out from your A race.

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