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Entertrainment: Kicking It Old School

From Dante to Sarte, philosophers have provided many descriptions of hell. This is mine.

My toe injury has progressed to arthritis. My shoulder subluxations (note: that’s geek speak for regular dislocations) that once made a sweet party trick in my youth, now prevent me from completing day-to-day activities like shampooing my hair and starting bar fights. Soooooo, no running and no swimming for this guy. In my world that leaves biking as my sole mode of cardio these days. Oh, did I mention that it’s the holidays and I’m visiting family back in Michigan for 10 days where the only bike I have access to a stationary recumbent bike? Welcome to my own personal hell.

It really is as lame as it looks

In the spirit of entertrainment – and to escape the stationary bike – I will be kicking it old school (yup, I just said that) with my old high school teammates on the ice this week. That’s right, hockey. Not just any hockey but hockey with washed up alumni that are in terrible shape. I can’t wait.

So here’s your entertrainment idea of the week: Dig into that basement storage locker of yours, find something you used to enjoy doing, and give it a another shot. If you don’t like it, donate it. There’s likely someone out there this time of year who would appreciate your old gear.

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