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Entertrainment: 50 meter challenge

For those of you old sharks that have been banging out laps in masters swim class for decades, this post will be old news and you can safely move on to more relevant blogs and other exciting news from the fast paced and action packed world of lap swimming. For the rest of the triathletes out there, here is one of the most challenging workouts that you might actually enjoy.

After a thorough warm up, complete your first 50 as marker set. Your effort should be very challenging yet sustainable for 50 sets. If the thought of swimming 2.5k is beyond your endurance, then cut back to whatever is realistic for you.

Then, complete a 50 x 50. For any set where you hit your marker set time or faster, take :15 recovery. For any sets where you miss your marker set time, recover for :15 + skip the next 50, resting for the time allowed for the set.

Marker Set – completed in 40 seconds.
50 #1 – completed in 40 seconds, so I rest 15 seconds then go again
50 #2 – completed in 38 seconds, so I rest 15 seconds then go again
50 #3 – completed in 41 seconds, so I rest 15 seconds, then sit out the next set
50 #4 – skipped. I rest 40 seconds before going again
….and on and on.

Since you skip the interval following any set where you miss your mark you will not actually complete all the sets initially prescribed.

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One Response to Entertrainment: 50 meter challenge

  1. Eder says:

    I am not a coach but practice makes peefcrt. You should improve a lot with front crawl as your breathing becomes more natural. I think this is the key to alowing your body to relax which in turn improves streamlining and makes the stroke more economical. If you are doing triathon then I suppose you will wear a wetsuit.This wil help buoyancy. probably a silly thing to say as you are probably already doing it, but train in your wetsuit Your legs shouldnt be overworked and they should get a bit of a rest for the other parts of the triathon especially with a wetsuit I said I am not a coach but I think this is pretty straightforward but also useful and practical advice.

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