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Open Water Swim Tips When You’re Not in Open Water

Whether you’re in sunny Arizona where there are few lakes or in Minnesota where they are all still frozen, there is never a bad time to practice your open water swim technique. Here are some ways to do it indoors.

Swim Straight Lines – Push off the wall and take five strokes with your eyes closed. Are you able to hold your line without drifting? Nine. Eleven. Etc. Be safe and avoid this drill in a crowded lane.

Practice Open Water Sighting – Sure, the black line gives away your location. This shouldn’t stop you from practicing finding a rhythm that includes picking your eyes up to sight. Build the habit now so it doesn’t so feel so weird later.

50 Meter Pools – Try to find a 50 meter pool to practice in. Most colleges and universities have 50 meter pools open for public lap swim.

No Touch Turns – No grabbing the wall. No flip turns. No nothing. When you reach the end of your lane either turn in the water without breathing or push off the wall with two fingers at most.

Hypoxic Breathing – Yeah, yeah, so science now tells us that hypoxic breathing drills do not provide the physiological adaptation to oxygen deprivation we once thought they did. However, they do prepare us mentally for going without breathing for extended periods of time. This is handy when you’re racing and find a wave or foot in your face when you try to breathe.

Get Outside – There is someone out there more ambitious than you when it comes to getting in the cold spring water. Buy a wetsuit. Suck it up. Make friends with that nut job. You’ll thank yourself later.

Circle Swim – If you are so luck to be part of a masters swim club that is geared towards triathletes, see if the coach will utilize one session every week or so to circle swim the whole pool, not just in your own lanes.

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