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Swimming Advice from a Really Hairy Guy

Hey ladies – or dudes with as much hair as me – want to keep your hair from getting ruined by the chlorine? Hair can only absorb so much water. Before you enter the chorinated pool water wash your hair and soak it good in the locker room with freshwater. The freshwater in your hair tucked tightly in your swim cap actually keeps out the chlorine. I know the signs on the pool deck tell you to hit this showers first, but lets be honest, most people don’t.

This was one of the many things I learned this past weekend at the coach the coach clinic at the OptumHealth Performance Center. As it turns out one of the coaches leading the session, former pro Chris Swarthout, has a sister in the hair styling industry. Tune in later in the week for other, more important, information from the clinic on mental performance by Sports Psychologist Nancy Cullen and tri bike fitting tips from The Bicycle Fit Guru himself Chris Balsar.

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