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Triathlon Transitions: T2 for Beginners

Much like T1, referenced yesterday’s post, there is a method to T2.

Transition 2: Bike to Run

– T2 begins on the last mile of the bike. Shift to a tougher gear and stand up out of the saddle for a minute to get your legs and knees ready for the impact of running. Then, shift in to an easy gear and get you cadence up north of 90 rpm for the final stretch.

– Get off your bike before the clearly marked “Dismount LIne.” Again, there will be a bunch of people behind you ready to run you over as they make a John Wayne-like dismount from their carbon fiber horses. Stay way to the right to give those folks their space.

– Use a race belt to attach your number. It’s $10 and saves a little time and a lot of hassle.

– Again, stack your run gear with shoes on the bottom so you don’t forget anything. Include a hat or visor in the pile. You don’t need to wear a hat, but your friends will point and laugh at you if you run with your bike helmet on. Wearing a hat assures that you will take your helmet off.

Transition 3: Run to relaxation

– Be sure to have good post-race food and drink and ice and clothing and more sunblock and anything you need to begin your recovery. Assume that that race will provide nothing even if it is advertised that they will. If your post-race rehydration protocol involves cold beer, make sure you know what type of location your race is being held at. An adult beverage might be welcomed if your event is part of the St. Patty’s Day weekend of event, but if your event is hosted at a local middle school or city park, it may be best to leave the cooler in the car.

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One Response to Triathlon Transitions: T2 for Beginners

  1. Alican says:

    I agree with you. too much simple carbs beorfe bed and I wake up feeling hung over from the sugar crash. Some whole grain pasta works well. Also insted of loading the night beorfe I start to up my carbs the week beorfe the run. NOT A TON. Also I run very light the week beorfe so my glycogen is already stored up.last note: don’t drink TOO much water beorfe the race. I did that and not only did I wash all my vitamins out of my body. I had to stop and piss like 6 times. NOT COOL.