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Product Review – Triton Dry Land Swim Trainer

From the Facebook page Lauren V asks, “Hey coach. Would love to get your thoughts on this.” Triton Swim Trainer

My first thought is, “D@mn it. Another million dollar idea that isn’t mine.” But that was not nature of the question.

The idea of a dry land swim trainer is appealing. The cost of $2,595 is not. I cannot fathom a point in my life where I would need a dry land swim trainer. How far away from water could I possibly live? Even when exiled to the desert last year (Vegas for bachelor party) I managed to find a 50m pool (at the Belagio).

In all seriousness, there are two potential issues with such a purchase. The first is that your swim mechanics are compromised. As examples, look at the kicking at 0:38 – all hamstring and exactly what I have to teach runner-turn-triathlete-types to unlearn. The quick lesson at 1:40 made sense. However, in the water, we all have (hopefully) good body rotation/roll that significantly changes the stoke once you move past the front quarter/”catch” phase. You could then make the argument that it is good strength training for swimmers. When someone can produce evidence that a stronger athlete is a better endurance athlete, then I’m in. Until then, I’m not buying based on the functional strength training arguement.

All that said, I’m not going to totally say no. If I had a couple grand sitting around I would buy it for two reasons. First, I think the computer on the machine has a power reading. There are benefits to training with power than I won’t go into here. Suffice to say, I’d be nice to hop on a trainer and get the power output once in a while. Second, this would make a sweeeeet warm up tool on race day. Just like the time trial dorks who ride the bike trainer to warm up, I’d like to hop on this thing for about 20 minutes before my next tri. It would be especially handy at races like Buffalo (MN) or Alcatraz where you cannot get in the water before the start.

So, for the same price you pay for a lot of 1:1 swim lessons that could get your stroke to the same place.

And as a final thought: “What I Like About You” by The Romantics? Waaaaay too ’80’s. Have you seen pics of those guys lately? They could race Clydesdale. If you want to put me in a tri state of mind with overplayed music, might as well cut right to “Whoa oh oh” by Zombie Nation, “I Got A Feeling” by Black Eyes Peas, or some sweet jock jams like that song the the Chicago Bulls used back in the day. Or not.

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