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Smells Like, …Victory …and Body Glide

Victory, Part I
The first round of what should prove to be huge weekend for the athletes I coach has finished. This morning 76 of athletes I coach through Team in Training competed in the Mpls Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. Of the 76, about 30 would be attempting their first ever. Over the last 22 weeks these athletes not only learned how swim, bike, and run, but also raised over $160,000 for blood cancer research and patient advocacy through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This is a cause dear to my heart as my girlfriend is a 20+ year leukemia survivor currently battling another type of cancer and my aunt has just begun her battle with abdominal lymphoma. I could publish a dozen posts on this organization alone, but I’ll refrain. The results from the tri? 76 started. 76 finished. 30 first-time triathletes. Countless PR’s for the veterans.

Victory, Part II
There were two trips to the podium today as well. One came from Inspired Athlete and TNT member Darrell W. who came in second place in his division missing the first place spot by one second. Yup, one second. Unfortunately, the LTF tri is a time trial start with a new participant entering the water every three seconds. So Darrell didn’t even know he was so close to the top spot until the awards ceremony. Had there been a kick down, my money would have been on Darrell. He’s got more heart than most punks half his age.

Almost Victory, Part II
Two TNT athletes found themselves in fourth place today. Nothing to scoff at, especially when you take into account one of those individuals was in her first ever triathlon and is currently in treatment for cancer. As for the other fourth place finish, that one bums me out as I do feel a bit responsible. It was an athlete competing in the incredibly tough male 30-34 year old category. His pre-race and race story goes like this:
Coach Bees <3 days before the race> : “I’m lending you my Hed 6 and Hed 9 wheel set if you want them.”
Athlete: “Sure. How much time will they give me?”
Coach Bees: “Not as much as many people think. But at your speed, I’d guess 45 seconds to a minute.”
The athlete and I then realize, the day before the race, that the tubular tires needed to be reglued and would not be ready for the race.
Coach Bees : “Well?”
Athlete: “Fourth place. I missed the podium by exactly 45 seconds.”
Son of a ….. Take better care of your gear than I do!

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