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Entertrainment: Psycho Sets

Part of being a triathlon coach in the Midwest and more or less guaranteed unemployment after the season unofficially ends after Ironman Wisconsin. To fill in the off season gaps in my calendar I find myself teaching a random smattering of exercise classes. One such class last week was a Psycho Group Exercise class. My only instructions were to go really hard and try to make someone barf. No one barfed, but only one guy in the room was able to keep up to the very end. Sure, my personality lends better to Yin Yoga than anything labeled “Psycho.” None the less, it was a good break in my week. Here is the work set for those of you wanting to play along at home.

– 5 min of jogging variations (high knees, bounding, skipping)
– 5 min jumping jacks and jump rope

– Standing shoulder press (with weighted bar)
– Standing row (with bar)
– Push ups
– Wheelbarrow front and back (could substitute bear crawl if solo)
– Squats (body wight only)

(set one 1 min per exercise, set two 45 seconds per exercise, set three 30 seconds per exercise, no rest breaks)
– Plank crawl slap game (plank position with toes on towel on hardwood floor pulling yourself)
– Jump Rope
Medicine Ball Jump Squat (touch ball to ground then jump up with ball overhead)
Abdominal cycling (faster than the video)
Thrusters (props to CrossFit Minneapolis for teaching me this one)

Might not seem like much. If you go hard, you’ll be falling apart by the middle of the second round.

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