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Treadmill Trick

Anyone who has ever trained with me knows that my I am pretty repetitive with warm ups and cool downs. This is true whether we are talking about a yoga class or a run workout on the track. For quality run sessions, the warm up usually looks something like this:

10:00 easy jog
Dynamic warm up movements
5:00 w/ 5 x 50 meter Striders

The issue with this on the treadmill is that it is really hard to complete fast short intervals, like Striders, given the lag time of change in speed on treadmill. By the time you get up to pace you have to dial it back down again.

So, instead of the short pick ups in pace, increase the incline on the treadmill. Significantly. By substituting the above “5:00 w/ 5 x 50 meter Striders” with “5:00 easy jog @ 7%” you are accomplishing a couple things. First, not wasting your time changing the speed every 15 to 45 seconds. Second, still preparing your body for the hard work that is about to come. Third, and my personal favorite, when you bring the incline back down and increase the speed it actually feels like you are running downhill even at a modest incline.

Here is an example taken from my run earlier today. I’d like to state for the record that I normally don’t wuss out and use the dreadmill. It was 35 degrees and rainy.

Warm Up:
– 10:00 easy jog @6.3mph 1.5%
– 5:00 easy jog @6.7mp 1.5%
– 5:00 @6.3 mph 7.0%
Main Set:
– 22:00 done as 2 x 9:00 @ 8.4mph 1.5% (2:00 recovery @6.3mph 1.5%)
Warm Down:
– 10:00 easy jog @6.3mph 1.5%
note: this would normally be followed by a 5:00 walk but I instead rode my bike about 20:00 home in the above mentioned freezing rain

What do you think happened when I hit the first 9:00 work set? It actually felt easier than the slow death march at 7%. Give it try the next time you are stuck inside.

Oh, and as your reward for reaching the bottom of such a lame blog post you are being reward with this link to the OK Go video on the treadmills.

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