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Triathlon Training Minneapolis

Preseason Training

To be a competitive athlete, there is no “Off Season,” just a brief recovery followed by pre-season. If the word “competitive” draws to mind images of people years younger and tens of minutes faster than you, think of it differently. Do you want to get faster? Than you are competitive with yourself.

Let’s lay the foundation first. If you’ve ever worked with me, then you know that I believe there are three factors that drive performance in endurance sports:
1) Living in a supportive environment including family, friends, and a relatively flexible job
2) Training year round, year after year
3) Good genetics

Since I suck at coaching the third factor our focus is always on number one and two. When it comes to training year round, year after year there are a pair of issues that either support or inhibit this habit – commitment and injury. In the long run they go hand in hand. Those who work hard year round and are committed to serious Pre-Season Training tend to avoid more injuries then those who don’t. In turn, they are better atheltes.

In the next several posts, we will break down exactly what goes in to a good Pre-Season Training plan.

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