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Entertrainment: Lord of the Rings Indoor Cycling Game

Yes. You should follow your coach’s program. Yes. Training for what is right for you is more important than following generic advice on this blog. Yes. This is ridiculous.

Set Up
1) Throw in any Lord of the Rings DVD and get moving on your trainer.
2) After a good warm up, find your go all day pace (Zone 2 heart rate) and cadence. This will be the reference point for all future changes in gearing and cadence.
3) When there are multiple triggering events in the movie, do which ever instruction is the most difficult.

you may want to print these and tape them to your bars
– Whenever the ring is prominently featured on screen or someone says “ring”: Shift 2 gears easier and sprint for :30
– When that green guy says “Precious”: Shift 3 gears harder and sprint (seated) for :30
– When someone speaks a different language: Shift 5 gears harder and maintain a seated climb while they talk and for 1:00 after
– When Legolas says something poetic or Gandolf speaks philosophically or when either stare stoically in the distance: Shift 1 gear harder and sprint for 1:30
– When Sam and Frodo exchange awkward looks or comments: Single leg drills for 1:00 with each leg times the number of looks or comment (i.e. they both say something awkward once each = 4:00 total with 2:00 each leg)
– When Frodo trips or falls: Shift to your toughest gearing for 2:00
– When a named character dies: Standing all out sprint for 1:00

much thanks to Tumblr user lauraaasaur at for inspiring this session

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