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Protecting Your Carbon Fiber Bike Frame





Winter is here and that fancy new carbon steed you dropped a ton of cash on last spring might already be starting to show it’s age.  One of the easiest problems to prevent is the scratches that comes from the cable shielding wearing down the carbon frame.  Over time the cables can cause repetitive wear and tear, as shown in the photo to the left.







Some manufactures, like Scott Sports, are including special clear adhesive stickers to prevent this kind of wear.  However, its not really necessary.  You can use the extra smart phone screen cover you have laying around.  Since you’ll be sticking the screen cover on a small, slick surface that is curved more than your phone, you’ll need to cut the cover in tiny little pieces, as seen in the photo to the right.







final step



The final step is to place the little segments on the hot spots where the cable is grinding away your frame.  You need not cover the whole area of contact.  So long as you get the majority of the area, it should elevate the cable enough to prevent further damage.

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