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Bike Maintenance Clinic at Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop

Think of this.   …It’s race day.  You’re well trained.  You’re feeling good.  You’re rocking an awesome neon green Soles Inspired Tri Club suit that makes you look like you’ve done this a hundred times before  ….the swim goes better than you thought  …you transition to bike quicker than you thought  …the first half of the bike ride goes great  …and then, it happens.  You get a flat tire.  It’s your rear tire too.  What do you do?


Yeah.  That's that's what we'd do too.

Yeah. That’s that’s what we’d do too.

If the answer to the above question is anything other than, “Take out the tools from under my bike seat and fix the flat in under five minutes,” then you need to join us next Tuesday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop for a Bike Maintenance Clinic.  You will learn how to fix a flat tire and some other very basic bike maintenance tips. You’ll also have the chance to purchase all the tool necessary to do that job that will be required gear at all future bike practices.  This clinic will take place of the normally scheduled Soles Inspired Tri Club practice for next Tuesday.

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