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Performance Nutrition Basics

 The content of the video below was originally intended for the Soles Inspired Tri Club of Grass Valley, California in preparation for their race in the Folsom Sprint Triathlon and Folsom International Distance Triathlon this summer. 


There is difference between everyday eating, dieting to lose weight, and eating to perform as a triathlete.  Each strategy is unique.  When eating to perform you must be properly fueled and not overly restrict caloric intake.  The more important thing is to know your body and listen to it.  What works for one athlete on the bike and run might cause another triathlete to completely fall apart and bonk (or spend half their race in the port-o-john).  This means you need to experiment with the right amount of calories, sodium, and water early in the season so that your fueling and hydration strategy is dialed in by race day.



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