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Foam Rolling and Lax Ball Self-Massage Clinic at NOW Bike

Post-ride powders and pills  …compression socks …sleep aids …recovery boots  …yoga for athletes.  The list goes on.  The “recovery” segment of the triathlon world is quickly becoming an industry of its own.  This time of year, during peak training, it is important to know your recovery options and avoid wasting time and money on over-hyped products.


Join us at 6:30 pm next Thursday, May 22 at NOW Bike & Tri in Arden Hills (not their St. Paul store!) for free clinic geared toward recovery methods during peak training.  One of the most simple and effective tools to help relax those sore muscles is a $3 lacrosse ball.  This clinic will use stretching and both foam rollers and a lax ball to help you self-massage sore muscles.  Clinic will be a mix of presentation on the science behind foam rolling/self-massage and actual hands on technique work.  So, bring your foam roller if you have one.  Lacrosse balls will be provided.

Get ready Mpls!

Get ready Mpls!

This event is a co-production of Scott Beesley of Soles Inspired and Suzie Fox of Fox Endurance.  foxes

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