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Yoga Workshop for Triathletes and Runners at Fit Culture Studio in Nevada City


Sore muscles?  We understand.  During peak training your hard working body deserves all the help you can give it to aid recovery.  You can spend hundreds on recovery powders and pills, massages, compression gear, and even special “recovery sandals.”  Or you can come out to our free presentation next week to learn how a short yoga practice done in your own home can further the healing process to get you back on track and trail quicker.

Free Yoga for Triathletes and Runners Workshop on Tuesday, August 25 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at Fit Culture Studio in Nevada City


The root cause of most athletic injury can be summarized by one word:  imbalance.  Certain muscles are stronger than others and some muscles are more flexible than others.  The repetitive, and unconscious, use of the stronger muscles leads to further over-/under-development.  And like a pothole on a dirt road, the problem will only get worse when left untreated.  The physical aspect of yoga helps to identify and correct those imbalances.


Additionally, the mental aspects of the meditative side of yoga teach athletes to turn their focus inward.  This aspect of yoga not only helps triathletes “tune in” to otherwise unobserved issues in their body, it can help improve your performance.  Go ahead, read that last sentence again – we said yoga improves performance.   Come out to Fit Culture Studio on Tuesday, August 25th and we will explain how.

This event is co-hosted by Coach Scott Beesley of Soles Inspired Triathlon Club in Grass Valley.  The workshop will be a mix of formal presentation and asana (the physical aspect of yoga).  Come in comfortable clothes, though don’t expect to sweat as this will be a short and very very gentle slow moving yoga practice. This class is suitable for all levels of athletes and yogis.

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