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Triathlon Training Minneapolis

Body Recomposition for Runners

Don’t wait until the new year to start thinking about changing your body composition and making your race weight.  The time to lose fat, put on muscle or reshape your body in meaningful way is right now.


Since 1998 we have been helping all types of athletes reach their ideal weight and body composition.  And, no matter what the magazine cover at the supermarket tells you, the reality is that no one method works for all of us.  Why? We all have different diet restrictions, lifestyles, and vices.


peer reviewLike our training methodology, our body recomposition program is driven by evidence-based principles, while still adapting for the human element.  It is a system.  And it works.


This system will be presented at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 20th at Trkac Running in Grass Valley.  Bring something to take notes and leave your checkbook at home.  This is an education seminar.  Not a sales pitch.

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