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Triathlon Training Minneapolis

Entertrainment: Elf Trainer Ride


Trainer ride set to the movie Elf.

8 minute warm up then press play on the movie Elf for total of 1 hour and 45 minutes of pedaling.

Steady Zone 2/Aerobic/”go all day” effort until the following:

1) “Naughty,” “Nice,” or “Christmas Spirit” is referenced = :15 sprint
2) Buddy eats or drinks something terrible or breaks something = 1:00 sprint
3) Santa is on screen = shift two gears harder and increase cadence
4) Product placement on screen (monopoly, Coke, Tollhouse, etc.) = shift several gears tougher for simulated climb
5) Buddy is singing = all out time trial effort
6) Optional: 10 body weight squats for every fight that breaks out



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