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Our Favorite Pre-season Bricks

As spring turns to summer there is a need to progress from general training to sport-specific training. As triathlete this means we need to swim, bike, and run. In that order. Here are a couple of our favorite bricks. Continue reading

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10 Mistakes of Rookie Runners

Maybe this running thing you started in January really is here to stay. Here are ten pitfalls to avoid along your journey. Continue reading

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Strong Glutes = Happy Knees

A new study further proves the need for runners to do strength training targeting glute med to avoid knee pain. Continue reading

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In Praise of Static Stretching for Running Performance

Stretching is good for you. There. I said it. Now read the science that tells us when to stretch. Continue reading

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Treadmill Trick

Here’s a little trick to make those speed sets on the treadmill go by a little easier. Continue reading

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Cold Weather Running: Warm Hands

When it comes to staying warm and exercising outdoors, some of us bundle up like Ralphie’s little brother from “A Christmas Story.” But there’s a better way. Coach Bees got a chance to talk to legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker the last time he was in town. His tip for staying warm was incredibly simple yet overlooked by most of us. Continue reading

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Should you do a marathon as part of your Ironman training?

This post is taken from an email response to a fellow blogger who had questions about how to structure off season training and whether or not that should include a training for a full marathon. Continue reading

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140.6 in 2012: Pinch Pennies

Ironman training doesn’t cause you to go broke. Poor planning for Ironman training makes you go broke. Here is what to consider. Continue reading

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