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The Illustrated Guide to Zombie Hunting: An Ironman Race Strategy

You’ve seen it before at Ironman… it’s late on the run and all the athletes that were previously clipping along at a cadence of 85 during that first 8:00 minute mile out of T2 have turned into zombies, shuffling along like the undead on their way to a 6 hour marathon otb. Here’s why none of the Ironman athletes I coached fell apart like that and, instead, were able to go zombie hunting on the run, picking up literally hundreds of spots on the run. Continue reading

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140.6 in 2012: Choose Your Own Adventure

This is the first in a series of ten posts dedicated to athletes thinking about their first long course race in 2012. While the series specifically addresses 140.6 mile iron-distance racing, the concepts would apply equally to anyone going for a breakthrough race at the 70.3 half-iron distance. Continue reading

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