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Triathlon Training and Training Plans

More About Our Philosophy

A supportive environment includes not just your training life, but also your whole life that exists away from training. Your family, your friends, and your career all factor in to how much energy and guilt-free time you can dedicate to exercise. It is crucial to set proper expectations with those around you, and establish a training plan which complements, not competes with, the rest of your life. Sure, having a cycling studio and swimming pool in your basement would be nice. More important than that is making sure your training plan gives you more energy to spend quality time with those you love.

We are good at a lot of things here at Soles Inspired. Coaching genetics is not one of them. You either have it or you don’t. We spend our time focusing on number one and number three on our list. Over time they will make up for mediocre genetics.

There are two major components to consistency – training year round, year after year and staying healthy. The line “there is no off season” is more than just a clichéd t-shirt slogan. Training week after week, year after year is key to success no matter how you personally define success. Each season may have a different goal, such as endurance, speed, or pre-hab to prevent injury. Stability and flexibility work in the form of strength training and yoga should factor in to every training plan to keep the body in balance and prevent injury. The mix of exercise modalities also helps prevent mental burn out.

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