Meet the Team



I am a swimmer turned triathlete! I started this journey to complete a 70.3 bucket list event, but has now turned into my lifestyle. Erin has built a community where I strive to work hard obtaining my new found goals of competing in both half and full ironman distance racing.



Over the last two years I went from doing my first sprint triathlon, to completing my first 70.3 Ironman, and now I am training for my first full Ironman. I have loved developing my community within this sport. It’s the people that keep making the long rides, the painful runs, and those cold open water swims worth doing!



Hi there, I’m Gaelen! I’m a PhD student at OHSU, where I do my best to juggle my microbiology studies with my triathlon training. When not swimming, biking, running, or recovering, I also try to get out to the crag for some rock climbing (why stop at three sports?).

Christine (``Craystine``)


I am a duathlete who loves climbing hills on the bike, and doing anything EPIC. I believe in training hard and recovering harder! But keep plenty of food around, because I get hangry real quick!



My name is Rajiv Harry, and I became an Ironman at 34. Fitness and exercise serve as my passion, my medicine, and a positive outlet to connect with others around the world. In my spare time, I am a husband, father, and Health and Wellness Coach in the Portland area. I strive to be an inspiration and facilitator of good health and Plant-Based living.



I will beat you during cool down, but don’t worry I’m not competitive.


Ultra Runner

I’m a runner who enjoys most other sports and am always up for a challenge. I reside in Grass Valley, CA with my husband, Bees, and four-legged partner in crime, Hayduke. My philosophy in life is, work hard, sleep hard, and eat good food.



Always up for a challenge (or bet), triathlons started as one and quickly became a way of life. While a middle of the back of the packer, I am grateful for the ability to race and enjoy the Soles team.



I am a two-time Ironman and a Boston Marathon qualifier. Running is my passion, my escape, and my go-to sport for staying fit!



I’m a former collegiate volleyball player who needed another sport to channel my over-competitiveness into after I graduated. I love being part of the Soles Inspired community! Erin & the Soles team have helped me to a 45 minute PR in the half-ironman distance and to my first marathon finish!



I am a 55 year old wannna be triathlete, making the transition from bike racer to triathlete 6 years ago. The friends and acquaintances I have made since that switch has been amazing. The racing has been just as awesome. I wouldn’t be where I am if not for Soles Inspired!



I was hooked on triathlon a few years ago and have competed in several Olympic distance local Oregon races, with a goal to complete at 70.3 for my 50th bday and then…who knows! Training with and getting to know other athletes on the journey has been transformative not only in my enjoyment of the sport but in bringing me so much joy, making my life feel rich and full.



Moving here from Minnesota 5 years ago, I’ve discovered a lifestyle I never knew before. Being a part of the Soles ‘family’ gives me the support, encouragement and inspiration to exceed all my expectations. I am extremely grateful to be part of this team.



Started triathlon in 1984 and finished Ironman Kona 1985. Participated in more than 60 multisport events. Enjoy training but love to race.



I have been running to manage stress and stay active since 1998. At first I started with 5km races, then moved to 10km and half-marathons.  In 2008 my friends challenged me to do a triathlon, it was then that I reconnected with swimming (my first love) and I remembered the freedom I felt as a 10-yr old when biking.



My Name is Kristy I am a mother of two. I work full time as an Amy officer, training soon to be officers at University of Portland and Portland State University ROTC. I got into triathlons 5 years ago as a competition between coworkers and fell in love. I joined the Soles tribe last year and have really found my community.



I am a lover of climbing mountains and exploring new places. I am a runner, cyclist and avid paddle boarder. Striving to share my passion for movement and health with all I meet!

Mad Dog


Hi! I’m Madeleine, though I’m known to most in my life as Mad Dog. I love exploring on bike and by foot, and am excited to be training for my first full distance Iron(wo)man. When I’m not exercising, I work in clean energy, cook too much food, and teach my coworkers fitness classes.



Hi, my name is Andrea. I’ve been “in training” off and on since 1999 and I’m still here enjoying every minute I get to move my body. The Soles team is a group of diverse athletes that bring so much joy to training and cheering each other on like no other- pinky swear. Training is one of my favorite things and doing it with other teammates is the absolute best.



I have dabbled in triathlon but mostly I love cycling and exploring new places on my bike. I also love the community of the Soles Inspired team.



I love running and after doing the Duathlon for a few years I got into Triathlon. I joined team Soles a few months before my first Half Ironman and the coaching and support I got was beyond phenomenal.



I credit Erin with teaching me to love running. I truly have no idea how that happened – but that’s the beauty of multisport – one day you’re wondering why you’re doing all this stuff and then next you can’t imagine your life without it.

Erin is constantly improving her own craft through courses, reading and certifications. She passes this knowledge to her athletes through swim drills, targeted indoor rides, group workouts on the track, video and article links in our workout notes and much more. Erin has improved my 70.3 time by more than an hour! Beyond just the physical goals she has helped me achieve, she has also built a supportive community where we encourage and inspire each other to achieve our fitness goals. We train together, we race together and we always laugh together. I owe so many fond memories to my friendship with Erin, she is a one of a kind coach!

Ian B.

Erin and the Soles team have pushed me to strive for faster races and healthier/injury-free finishes. Joining the team has pushed me to be a better athlete and I’ve gained some incredible friendships along the way!

Nic S.

Finding the Soles group has reinvigorated my love of the sport of triathlon. Coach Stone sets the tone for an inclusive environment allowing for all athletes to feel a part of the team. Team members support and encourage each other to excel.

David P.

Erin Stone and Soles Inspired has provided me with a competitive community and atmosphere I did not think I would find again after finishing up collegiate athletics. Erin goes above and beyond to understand my goals and works with me to create a flexible training plan that allows for both life and training. She’s helped me to a 45 minute 70.3 PR, along with a half marathon PR and my first marathon finish.

Nicole F.

I moved to PDX in 2017 after spending several years trying to find my Tri community a friend introduced me to Erin. I was a week out from a 70.3 in Spain and not mentally prepared, after meeting me once she gave me a call and walked me through everything from course prep, nutrition, hydration and jet lag. After returning from my race I joined the Soles team and couldn’t have asked for a better team and coach. She puts everything into her team and with such a wide range of athletes gets all of us to our goals. Even throughout Covid she has found new ways to get us engaged and stay motivated through Zwift meet ups, virtual races, team triathlons with marked courses and a soon to be training camp weekend.

Kristy H

Soles Inspired has been my steady beat for five years. I’ve always been active, but didn’t have a team to play hard with. Coach Stone has taught me how to have fun and get results, and how to take care of myself. I always feel ready and excited for my races!

Lindy S.

Since I joined the Soles Inspired team I gained a family. Coach Erin has done an excellent job creating a loving and positive community of individuals who genuinely care about getting better and supporting each other.

Rajiv H.

Thank you to Erin and all my teammates for pushing me beyond what I ever thought I could achieve. Not only have I had some successes, but more importantly, I have made lifelong friends. And that is why I’m a Soles team member.

Michael S.

Coach Erin is exceptional in her ability to work with everyone’s individual needs. She makes time for us and actually participates in our team Trainings/Activities/Events. She is a very hands-on, caring person. She will help you reach and exceed your goals.

Kelly P.

Last year I decided it was time to tackle a new challenge – a 70.3. I knew I needed a coach to help me plan, keep me injury free and cross the finish line before the cut-off time. Erin has been a tremendous coach helping me reach these goals and has connected me to the great Soles Inspired community; without all of them 2020 would have been a very somber year. I have improved times in all the sports and I look forward to the day I can race my first HIM probably still in the back of the pack but perhaps not dead last.

Gaby C.

It takes time to find the right fit for a coach. The community that Erin has created and her devotion to us as athletes has made this one of the best teams of which I have been a part. Through all the changes and unknown that is in the world, our team continues to be a constant source of fulfillment.

Jillian P.

Working with Coach Erin Stone has pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible. Even though Multi-sport is a solo adventure, team Soles Inspired is a close knit group that helps each other build and grow. They are like family.

Christine S.

Working with Erin is fun and challenging. She’s warm and kind – but knows how to kick you in the butt so you continue to see improvements. I’ve seen my speeds and resilience improve immensely since working with her. I would HIGHLY recommend her!

Shelly C.

Erin Stone, my coach at Soles Inspired, is dedicated, generous, and quietly brilliant. Athlete after athlete in my triathlon club had described her methods and why they have chosen to work with her, and I was impressed. I hired her after the pleasure of joining several team workouts and genuinely enjoying her presence, advice, and the group of athletes she has gathered by attraction. I have been frustrated lately with a flared-up chronic injury but she has been able to find ways not only to allow me to progress in training as possible, within the limitations imposed – which has required flexibility and ingenuity – but has supported me emotionally with encouragement, wisdom, and great ideas to help get me through this “whole.”

Karen M.