Core Values: Community

Triathlon is a team sport. 


But it’s ME who is out there swimming and putting in the yardage, knocking out those long rides and runs. What is this about a team sport?

Let me reminisce and share a little bit about my journey to Ironman Canada 140.6 in 2015. I did the vast majority of my training solo, so I could hit my target effort, pace and power goals without fail. But even though it was just me swimming, pedaling and pounding the pavement, I couldn’t have done it alone. I had the blessing and support of my boss, who was totally cool about me jetting out for the day at 2pm to get in a long ride or starting my day at 9:30am to ensure I could get in a long run before work. I had the support of my family, who knew I was being super picky about my nutrition and tolerated my variable mood, which coincidentally mirrored my training stress and volume. Most important, my husband Erik would sacrifice an entire day when he could have been out on the golf course to support my long rides, driving to landmarks we agreed upon in advance and being ready to refill my water bottles, ensuring I was eating enough calories, and providing a safe and relatively private space to pee if Mother Nature was calling. And then there was Scott. My coach, mentor and friend. Who would immediately know if I completed the volume and intensity that he prescribed for me for that workout, and who I did not under any circumstances want to disappoint. 

So yeah. I was the one swimming, pedaling and pounding the pavement. But I could not have done it without my tribe. My community. 

Triathlon is a team sport.

I have come to value and appreciate community in a whole new way through triathlon and endurance sports. Surrounding myself with athletes who share common goals, aspire to achieve great things, and have placed their trust in me to guide them along their journey to optimal performance is the best reward. I have seen my community come together to support a teammate on a solo quest for a personal marathon PR. I’ve witnessed the respect among athletes on our team who challenge each other and am so proud of their sportsmanship. I’m proud to be a member of this team, and humbly accept the challenge to lead my athletes in their quest to achieve, perform and improve. My athletes are not just clients. They are my friends. They are family. They are my community. And they are all invested in growing, nurturing and expanding our community of like-minded athletes.